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[11 Mar 2015|11:41pm]
NAME: Kristy
E-MAIL: cleverishly @ gmail
AIM: shesoutofhertree

NAME: Anya
AGE: Early twenties
FANDOM: The 100
SPECIES: Grounder - She is part of a race of people who were born and raised on the post-nuclear apocalypse earth. Basically, she's immune to radiation.
CANON POINT: Just before her death. Like literally seconds before.

Anya is cold, cruel, and very driven, and it permeates through entire personality. She is a warrior, through and through, and she has no need for things like compassion or weakness. She is very loyal to her tribe and very protective of them, and has exactly zero issues with defending them from outside influence. Anya is stoic and stone-faced, and she approaches those who aren’t her people with disdain and mistrust. Chances are, she’d kill a stranger before giving them a chance to speak. She does have a maternal and protective side that shows caring and love, but that is solely reserved for her people.

Anya’s history isn’t important, for the most part. Her soul was selected as that of a leader, but not as the Commander. She did her part from an early age, rising to the status of tribe leader and mentoring Lexa until she was selected as the next Commander. Anya led her tribe with a harsh, but effective reign, and was the first to lead an attack against the fallen Sky People and the danger they posed.

Though she was willing to consider peace, it was not a successful conversation and she took the actions of Clarke’s people as signs of war. She took Clarke and Finn hostage in order to get aid for her second, Tris, who was injured in the blast by the bomb on the bridge, and was furious when such proved impossible. She intended to have Finn killed in revenge, but her orders were thwarted by Lincoln, who was deemed traitor and utterly cut off in her mind as a nonexistent entity to be killed on sight.

Anya led her people against the Sky People at the dropship, and was inside it and utterly outnumbered and surrounded when the ring of fire killed hundreds of her army outside. She recalled the faces of her burned people, but then the smoke bombs of the Mountain Men knocked her unconscious. She awoke in a cave, where she was kept inside of Mount Weather except when having her blood drawn.

She was weak when Clarke rescued her from the Harvest Chamber, but she still managed to fight. Mistrust of Clarke initially made her try to find her own way out, but she ultimately found her way back and the two escaped together. She intended to use Clarke as a prisoner, bringing her to the Commander in order to get vengeance for her dead people, but then became Clarke’s prisoner herself. The two had just arrived at the outskirts of Camp Jaha when she finally agreed to speak with the Commander on behalf of Clarke’s plan for peace. She turned to escape the Camp and stepped into the ocean instead.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Warrior! Leader! General badass!

Anya hissed through her teeth as she surfaced in the water, the salt water a jolt in itself (and it certainly wasn’t pleasant in the wound in her arm from the tracking device she’d pulled from her skin). This made no sense. There was no water around the Sky People camp, she knew. She’d grown up in this land, and knew it intimately. Why, then, was she swimming in such a great body of water?

A trick. This was one of Clarke's tricks. Anya ought to have known better than to trust a Sky Person. They were all treacherous, and all deserved to die, just as she'd known was the case before. And yet, even then, she knew that this could be no trick of theirs. It was too much. This was something else altogether.

She set her sights on shore, and was startled further still by the sight of such strange structures. She put her efforts on swimming, though, and fought through the aches of exertion as she made her way to shore, pausing on her hands and knees in the sand as she made it finally.

Her eyes were not lined by war paint, but were dark nonetheless as she looked up through her wet hair, suspicious and alarmed at the sights around her, and prepared to take on any foe who dared come to her.

PB: Dichen Lachman
JOURNAL: ~trimani
HOUSING PREFERENCE: Stick her in HI for now too!
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